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Discover How To Design, Market And Deliver Your Own Experiential Workshop That Creates Huge Transformation For Your Participants And $20K-$100K For You Every Single Time! 
Become A World Class Transformational Leader

Imagine being on stage at your own live event in a room full of your ideal clients eagerly participating, experiencing profound breakthroughs, and having life-lasting transformations... 

Imagine being completely confident and grounded in who you are, the message you have the share, and the power your training can have in your participants lives...

Imagine being praised, honored and deeply loved by the people in the room whose lives you are saving, transforming, and improving...

Imagine earning an additional $20,000 - $100,000 or more for every day you spent leading a workshop...

This is what’s possible when you learn and understand the science and system of true life-lasting transformation and experiential workshops!

My Name Is Jay Fiset...
I’ve been leading experiential live events, seminars and workshops in the personal transformation industry for over 30 years.

I’ve worked with 10’s of 1000’s of people, have trained 100’s of facilitators, and have attended hundreds of other live events, seminars and workshops… 

And I've generated millions of dollars in revenue using what you'll discover on this page...
I believe that if you feel called to share your message and create an impact for others in this world, leading workshops and live events is one of the best ways to create lasting transformation in your life and in the lives of your clients, and to create real profit in your business while teaching what you love.

When you can be with someone in the same room, look them in the eye, and support them through powerful processes using the Experiential Learning Model you and your participants have the greatest opportunity of true life-lasting transformation… and, because of the intimacy, the greatest opportunity of someone saying yes to working with you on a deeper level and investing more money.

The challenge is, most coaches, speakers and trainers don’t understand the science and system of transformation and they end up leading live events that don’t really serve their clients or create any financial results for themselves…
I see it all the time…

And perhaps you’ve experienced this…

You go to a live event, have an amazing motivational experience, and perhaps have a huge breakthrough…

Then after the event you may be on a high for a few weeks, but shortly afterwards life goes back to exactly how it was (if not worse) and there has been no real or lasting transformation… Just another “rah-rah” event.
In order to create true and lasting transformation for people you must understand the Experiential Learning Model and how to use it in your workshops, events and seminars so that you can create mind-blowing life-transforming results for your participants every single time.

And in order to be successful long term you must also understand the revenue models and how to create a financially abundant system and process that pays you well for the value and service you provide to your clients.

This is exactly what my "Facilitator Development" Intensive Training Program is all about, and if you’re committed to creating a huge impact in the world and transforming people’s lives while creating financial abundance for yourself I’d like to invite you to attend.

Read more about it below and then click the button to schedule a call with a member of my team.

-Jay Fiset
How To Create Real And Lasting Transformation For Others
Do you feel called to work with other people?

Do you want to create a huge impact in other people’s lives?

Do you want to truly support people and create life-lasting transformation for them?

Do you want to earn a fortune teaching what you love?

If so, the Facilitator Development Intensive Training Program is for you…

Whether you’re just getting started or you have years of experience this program is a good choice and will give you all the training, tools, processes and frameworks to become one of the top transformational leaders in the world.
If you want to have total confidence in your ability in front of a room,

If you want to be fully grounded in who you are, what you stand for, and the power of your message,

And if you are committed to creating a huge impact and serving and supporting other people on this planet while creating financial abundance for yourself and your family, 
the Facilitator Development Training Program is for you.

What Is The Facilitator Development Training Program?
The Facilitator Development Training Program is an intensive 5.5 day experience where you’ll get everything you need to become a world class facilitator and a master at the craft.

It begins with a half day digital preparation day with Jay Fiset and the intimate group of other participants where you’ll get support in preparing for the in-person live experience so that you are well grounded, fully prepared and best able to maximize your results. You'll gain clarity on your message and your market and start thinking about the mechanics and monetization of that message.
You’ll then attend a 5 day in-person training experience, which is the bulk of the program, where you will work intensively to design your own 1-day experiential workshop. During these 5 days you’ll be working with Jay and the intimate group of other participants and you will learn how to design, market and deliver your own experiential workshop in a way that creates huge transformation to your participants and big profits for you. 
Over the 5 days you’ll learn the Experiential Learning Model and other key pillars of creating lasting transformation and you’ll design your own 1-day workshop while there in the room. Over the course of the event and your creation process you’ll have many opportunities to test your exercises and get real time feedback and support on your workshop from Jay and the other participants so that you know what works, what doesn’t, and what can be most improved before you get in front of a live audience.
Following the 5 day in-person event you’ll have two separate 1-day digital follow up days where you’ll get even more support on the implementation, marketing, and delivery of your newly created experiential workshop.

By the end of the program you’ll have designed your own transformational workshop, marketed it, and delivered it at least once in a way that will create lasting transformation for your participants and a new revenue stream for you.
You'll finish the program with your very own piece of Intellectual Property that can add an easy $20,000 - $100,000 to your business every time you deliver it, be leveraged into other products, programs and services, and even be licensed to other facilitators for increased impact and recurring licensing income.  
About The Event:

Mastermind To MIllions LIVE is a 3 day event where you will get very hands-on, high level training from several different experts on how to launch and run successful masterminds in your business so that you can escape the time for money trap and easily add 6 figures to your income. 

When you attend you will get in-depth support on how to properly position yourself for higher fees and more money; How to be a great facilitator and leader that commands the attention of any room and builds a massive following, and on the more intricate details of attracting ideal clients into your business.

As a member of the Launch Your Mastermind 90-Day Bootcamp who enrolled in the spring of 2015 you got a complimentary ticket to attend this event AND an additional ticket to bring a friend as well. To reserve your seat please click on the button below, make a small refundable seat deposit which will be returned to you at the event, and then you'll be all set and your spot will be held.
What You Will Learn:
What You Will Learn...
When you enroll in the program and experience the 5.5 days of training you will finally take the guesswork, confusion, and fear out of getting on stage and creating life transforming experiences for your clients.

You'll learn, practice and integrate the tools, processes and frameworks required for creating true lasting transformation for your clients and have the confidence to deliver value and impact every single time.

And you'll get a clear and proven system for marketing, selling and filling your workshop and then making powerful follow up offers to your participants that serve them in a big way and generate big profits for you.

When you join this program you'll receive intensive training on the 6 following pillars of successful transformational workshops and leave embodying and living in alignment with each one so that you can create massive results for yourself and huge impact for your clients.
Pillar #1 - Implementing The Experiential Learning Model
If you're like most people in the personal development or personal transformation space you've likely been to an event before... And you've likely been to a motivational, "rah-rah" event that felt amazing while you were there, but didn't really deliver any long term transformation.

This is because motivation, nor inspiration, nor education equal transformation. Transformation is about experience, lessons, and integration of those lessons... that's what the Experiential Learning Model is all about.
When you take part in the Facilitator Development Training Program you will learn the 5 key steps of the Experiential Learning Model that are necessary to create real and lasting transformation so that your participants get the information from their head, to their heart and to their feet so that they integrate and APPLY.

Most trainers, even with years of experience, miss one or two of these steps that leaves their participants having a breakthrough, but not relating, integrating or applying the lesson for lasting transformation.
When you go through this program you’ll gain an in-depth embodied experience of each of the 5 steps, understand how to move through each phase, and how to utilize this learning model in everything you do in order to create the greatest results possible for your clients.

And when you learn, understand and integrate these principles into the workshop that you’ll be designing, developing and improving over, you’ll be in the top 5% of facilitators on the planet.
Pillar #2 - Refining Your Processing Framework
When you enroll in the Facilitator Development Training Program and attend the 5 day live experience you will design, develop and refine your own Processing Framework.

A processing framework is something that everyone has, whether they are aware of it or not, and that many people fail to realize or use consciously that keeps them stuck creating inconsistent results and under delivering for their clients.
In the Facilitator Development Training Program you will create you own processing framework and have it so clear for yourself and others that any other facilitator of similar skill to yourself could step in, deliver your workshop and create a very similar result.

When you leave the program with this powerful and refined processing framework you’ll have absolute clarity and confidence in your process and your ability to handle any situation that arises. 

This one skill will support you in consistently creating breakthroughs and transformational results for your clients no matter how you feel, what’s going on in the room, or any other factors.
Pillar #3 - Mastering Your Personal Context
In all programs there will be content that delivers value to the audience. When you experience the Facilitator Development Training Program you’ll discover how to create powerful content for your participants, but more important, how to get fully grounded in your own PERSONAL CONTEXT.

Many facilitators have a ton of content and information to serve and support their tribe, but they lack context and most often fail at creating any life-long transformation for their clients as a result.
In this program you’ll begin to understand and refine your own personal context. To be the most powerful facilitator possible you must be clear on who you are as a human being, how you show up as the leader of your tribe, and in alignment with your ideas and beliefs. 

In this program you will get crystal clear on your context, your limitations, and grounded on your own evolution so that you can bring all of you to the classroom to serve and support from the most powerful place possible.
This concept, when you really get it, is one of the biggest game changers for you as a leader and facilitator.

Most facilitators don't put any time, effort or energy into this concept and this is the reason most of them typically burn out and leave the industry after just a few years… never to make their impact or earn the income they desire.
When you take part in this program and really "get" your personal grounding and alignment, running workshops and events will be an extremely fulfilling and enjoyable process for you instead of the overwhelming high-stress experience that most facilitators endure. 

Getting your personal context clear and getting yourself grounded and aligned are the most important aspects of creating long term success, and that’s exactly what we’ll be working on in this program.
Pillar #4 - Grounding Questions
In order to be the most powerful version of yourself, be fully expressed, and confident it’s important to be grounded in who you are and how you operate. When you discover the 5 grounding questions in this program that you can apply to every area of life you’ll have the tools to get powerfully grounded around any topic, subject or experience in your life.
When you use these questions you will understand what a particular concept you want to teach means to you and you’ll develop your own personal examples of when that concept has worked most powerfully in your life, and when it hasn't worked at all. This will bring you into a fully embodied state of that concept where you are truly grounded and can show up most powerfully for your participants to support them in creating the transformation and results they desire.

This framework for doing your own personal work will support you to be a facilitator that walks your talk, and has examples of every concept working and not working in your life as well as the ability and grounding to share these examples in a clean and clear way to be of maximum service to your clients.
Pillar #5 - Advanced Facilitation Skills
Once you understand, implement and integrate the Experiential Learning Model, refine your processing framework, and get grounded in your personal context and grounding questions you’ll learn advanced facilitator skills for delivering your program in a way that creates big impact for your participants…

These are skills that very few facilitators understand, implement, or even know exist and when you enroll in the Facilitator Development Training Program you’ll learn these tools, get practice with them, and get real time feedback on how you can improve.

You’ll discover how to “control your room” no matter the size or the energy. There is a way to master yourself and master the stage so that you can
command and direct any room and gracefully deal with any challenge or facilitate any process and you’ll learn it in this program.

You’ll also learn how to create agreement with your participants and have them commit to a specific set of ground rules that will support them in being most present and open to transformation and results, and will support you in having clear boundaries and rules in place in order to ensure your entire event runs smoothly.
When you enroll you also discover how to set up a high level of engagement and participation in your room so that participants are actively engaged, playing full out, and committed to doing the exercises and the work necessary to get the results. 

And you'll learn how to teach your processing framework to your participants as you lead them through your workshop so that they can learn it, understand it and use it on their own for continued support and transformation following your program.
Pillar #6 - Marketing And Sales
When you go through the Facilitator Development Training Program you will also learn how to market and fill your workshop, how to sell out your seats and how to sell additional offers while leading your workshop. 

This is where you can really make the cash register ring while creating huge life-lasting transformation for your clients.
When you go through the program you’ll get the step by step plan for testing your workshop and offers, selling tickets, and monetizing on the “back-end”.

The plan you’ll be receiving is a comprehensive blend of old-school, in-person strategies and highly targeted online relationship building and conversion processes. They are all mapped out for you in an easy to understand and executed process called The Experiential Workshop Marketing Blueprint.
When you go through this program you’ll learn the three main revenue sources from your workshop and how to leverage each one. The first being “seat sales” and having people pay you to attend your workshop; The second being your follow up offers that you make to people who are attending your workshop; And the third, possibly being the greatest, is in licensing your own intellectual property.
Through the Facilitator Development Training Program you’ll be designing and developing your own 1-day workshop that will be your very own piece of intellectual property that can then be leveraged into others products, programs, books, and licensed to other facilitators… (This model that you’ll learn has resulted in mid SEVEN figures in revenue for Jay)

You’ll learn all these and so much more when you enroll in the Facilitator Development Training Program. 
Your Financial Opportunity
A Conservative Example
When you attend the Facilitator Development Training Program you are going to design your own 1-day experiential workshop and test it right there in the room with other participants to fine-tune your activities and processes.

You’re also going to learn how to market and fill your workshop and you’ll leave having two workshop dates booked and ready to fill.

Let’s say that in the beginning you put 25 people into each of your initial workshops and each person invests a nominal $197 to be there. (Using what you learn in the program you’ll likely be able to get many more people, but I want to be conservative for this example)

That’s 50 people paying you $197 for a total of $9,850 in “front-end” revenue.

This already gives you well over a 100% return on your investment in the program and makes this profitable for you even before you make any other offers. 

When making offers at your workshop and through the process you’ll learn in the Facilitator Development Training Program many facilitators earn $2,000 to $3,000 per person of “back-end” revenue. (This is where you’ll be selling your other events, coaching, masterminds, digital programs, group coaching, etc to your workshop participants)

To be conservative for this example, let’s say you land at about half of that and only earn $1,000 per participant on the back end. (This won't be exactly $1,000 from each person, rather, many people will be investing way more than that and it all averages out to $1,000 per person... even though most of your revenue will come from 25%-30% of the participants)

That’s 50 people through your workshop at an average of $1,000 per person on the "back-end" which is is an additional $50,000 in revenue for you, for a total of $59,850 for you JUST from your first two small workshops.

And the opportunities from there are endless... 

More people in your events; Increased confidence in yourself; Increasing the price of your workshop on the front end; Improving your offers at the workshop; Increasing your back end revenue; Eventually licensing your workshop and content to other facilitators; And leveraging your newly created and refined intellectual property into other offers, programs, books, etc.

As you can see from this conservative example, leading live experiential workshops is one of the best ways to create life-lasting transformation for your clients AND it can be extremely profitable for you.

The investment for the Facilitator Development Program is only $7,500 and you'll make that back in no time when you implement what you learn, as you can see above.
What Others Say About The Program
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When Is The Facilitator Development Program?
When you enroll in the Facilitator Development Training Program you will start the program with a half-day digital training day on Tuesday, August 4th, 2021 from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm MT where you will connect with Jay, the team, and the other participants and work through the foundational elements of the program so that you show up to the 5-day experiential program fully grounded and ready to maximize your time. This training and the other digital trainings are all recorded in case you miss the call or can only attend part of the event.

Then you'll attend a 5-day intensive training workshop in San Diego US August 17th - 21st 2021. These 5 days are the majority of the program and are where you will actively be designing, developing, and refining your very own 1-day experiential workshop. You'll get many opportunities to test your exercises and frameworks and constantly be getting real-time feedback from Jay and the group on how you can improve.
Enroll In The Facilitator Development Training Program Now
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When you take action to get Mastermind Essentials today I'm going to give you a complimentary ticket to attend my world class 3-Day Mastermind To Millions LIVE event. When you attend this event you'll get hands-on, deep-dive training on EVERYTHING you need to successfully launch, fill and run masterminds in your business and expand your impact and your income QUICKLY!
Next date is Sept 15-17, 2017 or you can attend any future date.
(small refundable seat deposit required to hold your spot)
When you say "Yes" to yourself, to your tribe, and to The Facilitator Development Training Program you’ll end up with a one-day experiential workshop designed, tested, and ready to deliver and a clear plan for marketing, filling and delivering that program in a way that creates huge transformation for everyone who attends, rewards you financially, and sets you up with a repeatable system for creating transformation, new clients, and more cash.

If you’re committed to delivering life-lasting transformation for your clients and to creating a huge impact in the world while setting up the system to reward yourself financially at the same time, take action to enroll for the Facilitator Development Training Program.

The investment is only $7,500 and you'll earn that back quickly as you can see in the example above. This is an investment that you will make in your life, in your business, and in the creation of your own intellectual property that you can leverage in a multitude of ways. It's also an investment in the sharing of your message in a way that creates huge impact and life-lasting transformation for everyone you serve.

So if you’re ready to become a world class transformational leader and make a huge impact in the world, click the button below and register now.

Have Questions or want to talk to someone on our team about the program before investing?

If you feel called to share your message through leading transformational workshops and you’re willing to invest in yourself to learn the systems and tools but have some questions or hesitations about the program we invite you to schedule a call with us to explore the opportunity.

This is a quick call with one of our coaches who will be happy to jump on the line with you to ask some questions and answer all of yours to see if you’re a fit for the program and if the program is a fit for you.

If it feels like a fit for everyone our coach will help get you enrolled so that you can be powerfully on your way to becoming a master facilitator.

There’s no risk for scheduling a call to explore the opportunity, simply click the button below to schedule a call now and we'll be happy to support.

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