Tech & Strategy Marathon (GSD)

3-Day Intensive Workshop Where You Will Discover The Information, Strategy And Implementation For Joint Venture Success
Leveraging The Power Of Joint Ventures Is One Of The Fastest & Easiest Ways To Get More Traffic, Enroll New Clients, And Earn More Money... But Only When You Know What You're Doing And Have All The Pieces In Place...
JV Launch Pad Is The Event Where You'll Do Exactly That!
Tech & Strategy Marathon (GSD) 
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June 23 - 25, 2021
December 6 - 8, 2021
JV Launch Pad is a hands-on training and support event where you will learn the art & science of profitable partnerships and IMPLEMENT the information in your business so that you can quickly create joint venture success.

This event is for people who are ready to start leveraging the power of joint ventures in their business or already are but know they could be doing much better.

When you attend you’ll get the training and support to create joint venture success no matter where you’re starting… The event will begin with the basics of getting “JV ready” and progress into more in-depth training around crafting offers, running successful 6-figure launches, and creating highly engaging joint venture promotions. 

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn and implement at the event:

==> Getting “JV Ready”
==> Affiliate Links & Commission Tracking
==> Necessary Softwares and Systems
==> Finding JV Partners
==> Joint Venture Management
==> Partner Communication
==> List Building Strategies
==> Tracking Your Metrics
==> Running Successful Launches
==> Creating Engaging Promotions
==> Choosing Commission Structures
==> Building Leaderboard Prizes
==> Crafting High-Converting 
==> Offers Relationship Building
==> Increasing Conversion Rates
==> Getting Partners To Follow Through

This is not your typical seminar where you sit and learn information… this is an intensive workshop where you’ll learn exactly what is necessary to create joint venture success and then get to implement it right there on the spot with the support of our team.


ONLY $1997!

June 23 - 25, 2021
December 6 - 8, 2021
BONUS #2: The 'Power Of Mission' Training
When you go through this training you will align who you are with your actions in a compelling, "moving-towards" process that fundamentally assists you to be in full alignment and motivated by Love, Purpose and Meaning instead of how most people are motivated... by fear, scarcity and lack .
$  497 Value
BONUS #3: Business Models That Work
Stop using silly strategies and get the 10,000 foot view of how all the elements of your business model can and should work together so that you can create a successful, sustainable, scalable and saleable business.
$  997 Value
NEW BONUS!!! "Six-Figure Launch Secrets" Online Training
When you get this special online training from me and my business partner you will discover the 6 fundamental pillars to running a successful online launch that does six figures or more in sales. 
You will learn exactly how to build the foundation to guarantee success and everything you need to know from timing and team to attracting joint venture partners, creating prizes, commissions and contest. You'll also learn all about the technology required and recommended and the processes for sales conversion so you have people buying your products and programs like crazy!
$  497 Value
NEW BONUS: Guest Ticket To "Mastermind To Millions"
When you register today you'll also get an additional ticket to the Mastermind To Millions LIVE event in Las Vegas December 4th-6th so that you can bring a friend, fellow coach or business partner with you to share in the experience.
$  997 Value
WARNING: If you don't figure out a way to escape the time for money trap and scale your business you'll never make the amount of money that you're capable of and never make the impact you're called to create. NOW is the time for you to step up, say "YES" to your own power and potential and expand your message to the next level. If not, you'll continue to get the same results you've been getting all along.

REMINDER: By taking action today you will get access to the 7 live training calls with me, the 6 fundamental pillars training modules, access to the private members forum,  a complimentary ticket to the Mastermind To Millions LIVE event, AND all the other bonuses listed above.

If you're ready to escape the time for money trap, attract more clients and exponentially grow your business, click on the button now and let's launch your mastermind and add 6-figures to your income.
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