The most powerful action we can take in times like this is to strengthen ourselves, increase our self awareness, develop support, open ourselves to new possibilities and points of view… to let go of that which does not serve us.
Creation Acceleration Coaching: Join me and a Powerful Group of Conscious Creators in a 12 week coaching program where we use the time we have in this pandemic to consciously Create that which is most important in our lives and businesses...
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Creation Acceleration Coaching
A perfect combination of digital training and group coaching that focuses your energy on your most powerful asset...YOU! One in depth personal development training video a week, simple activities to integrate the concept into you life and then live coaching to embed and embody it in your life.  Discover what the 12 Pillars are HERE!  Register here.
Clear, Complete & Create
Building on the foundation of the Creation Acceleration Program "3C" we use specific strategies to leverage your powers of creation.  You will be amazed at what you create in such a short span of time.  This program consists of 4 training videos and 4 live group coaching calls. Additional one on one coaching is available.  Register here.
The Gift

The Gift is simply one of the most powerful transformational experiences on the planet.  You ca currently register FREE compliments of the Robert Moody Transformational Scholarship.   Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there is no current date set, we believe that we will be able to deliver in October/November of 2020, we will book and deliver the program in Calgary as soon as it is safe for all participants.  You can still secure your FREE seat here.
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